ATTACK ON TITAN: Watch The Teaser For The First Feature Film

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ATTACK ON TITAN: Watch The Teaser For The First Feature Film
An overwhelming international hit on both the printed page and television screen, acclaimed manga and anime Attack On Titan is poised to conquer the big screen as well.

Director Araki Tetsuro returns to the controls to edit the existing television series into a pair of feature films which will be redubbed and mixed in 5.1 sound with the first (Crimson Bow And Arrow) compiled from footage taken from the first thirteen television episodes and to be released on Japanese screens November 22nd with the second (Wings Of Freedom) culled from episodes 14 - 25 and arriving in early 2015.

The first teaser for Attack On Titan Part One: Crimson Bow And Arrow has now arrived, take a look below.
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Rage72June 23, 2014 11:57 PM

Ah man, I clicked on this hoping it was a sneak peak of the live action feature film by Shinji! I knew it was too good to be true! lol!! Oh well, this will definitely due til' then...