Watch A Fresh Trailer For Stuart Simpson's CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA

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Watch A Fresh Trailer For Stuart Simpson's CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA
Life is hard when you're a socially awkward icecream man and Australian director Stuart Simpson has taken that simple idea and managed to turn it into something surprisingly resonant with his Australian cult hit Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla.We've covered this one in the past but with Monster Pictures taking it to the sales market in Cannes there's a brand new trailer for your perusal below.

Awkward ice cream van driver Warren Thompson's only respite from his drab existence comes in the form of gorgeous soapie star Katie George. Besotted with the young actress, Warren can't help but imagine what life would be like with Katie at his side.

After suffering another in a long line of savage beatings from local thugs, Warren's fragile psyche cracks under the strain, and his infatuation with Katie turns into psychotic obsession. As the lines between reality and fiction blur, Warren's quest to make Katie his will have catastrophic implications for all who populate his simple world.

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Official Trailer Monster Pictures from Monster Pictures on Vimeo.

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