Crowdfund This! UK Short WHITE Channels Wenders And Lynch Into Something Compelling And New

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Crowdfund This! UK Short WHITE Channels Wenders And Lynch Into Something Compelling And New
Well, now, this is a pleasant surprise. Even had I known that UK actress Montserrat Lombard - a great favorite in these parts for her comedy work as well as dramas such as Ashes To Ashes - I would never has expected something like White to be the outcome. And sometimes it's a good thing, indeed, to be surprised.

Lombard has teamed up with fellow UK actor Sean Harris (Prometheus, Southcliffe, soon to be in MacBeth) to create the short, which they describe as a fairly tale for adults informed by films such as Badlands, Paris, Texas and early David Lynch.

The duo are just under a third of the way to their sixteen thousand pound goal with just a few days left and if the below clip is any indication of what's in store ... well, let's help them get over that hump, shall we?

WHITE is a fairy tale for adults with the dark beauty of a brightly coloured Grimm's fairy tale. A land full of desert and abandoned hope which a bright sun beats down upon. A secret, strange world that at once seems so familiar and yet like nowhere you have ever been before. 

Samuel (Sean Harris) has lived many lives, troubled by a past he tries hard to forget. He stands out against the barren land that surrounds him, his bright red hair shining brightly in the emptiness. He doesn't belong in this world, he doesn't know where he belongs. He has a special 'gift', which is a blessing and a curse and each day he fights to live with it.

'Battles' by Barbarossa from will howden on Vimeo.

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