Crowdfund This! Help The VIKING VAMPIRES Invade Our Shores!

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Crowdfund This! Help The VIKING VAMPIRES Invade Our Shores!
The Viking Vampires are coming! But before they land on our shores, pillage our villages and run off with our livestock and women they need to have a little fundraiser. I guess the good old days of pillaging and running off with things are so long gone that Vikings have to turn to the general public for help now. That is the age we live in. Of course these are Vikings worth giving your money to because they are of the Vampire variety. 

So the producers of the film, Filmkompaniet MadMonkey, have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to get production started. They are presently working on a second draft of the script with Kjersti Rasmussen. They plan to hire Nowegian based YouTube sensations Pistol Shrimps to direct it. I have included one of their playlists below. 

Then there are other silly things like actors, costumes, weapons. Maybe some SPAM for the catering truck and see if anyone gets the joke. 

The story of the film also seems to have changed since we last reported about it.

The opening is set 1000 years back, and depict how Eirik and Håkon became vampires and how Håkon betrayed his big brother Eirik, and buried his Viking vampire army in a Christian grave for eternity. 

Then the story starts in present time, with a Viking ship sailing down a beautiful fjord in Norway, where we meet LIV (27) an unemployed archeologist taking part in a Viking teambuilding trip to Valhalla Spa Resort. Her half sister TUVA (33) is the boss, and she has given Liv a job to help here out, but forces her to spy on the team from the inside. The sisters are very different, and have a troubled relationship. At the resort Liv can't resist the urge to dig up an old runestone, and accidently wakes up Eirik Bloodtooth and his two squires, Sigurd and Magnus. 

The Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth wakes up confused, pissed off and hungry! His brother Håkon betrayed him 1000 years ago, and are living amongst us today. When Håkon realize that his brother Eirik has risen from the grave, he has to stop him before he wakes up the army and takes over the world. 

The producers launched the campaign at Cannes yesterday with a big blowout and also a new teaser for the film which you can watch below. If you want to make this Viking Vampires movie a reality then head on over to their Indiegogo campaign page and support it
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