Check Out The Complete Line-Up Of Krakow's Off Plus Camera Film Festival

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Check Out The Complete Line-Up Of Krakow's Off Plus Camera Film Festival
Now in its 7th edition, Krakow's prominent Off Plus Camera is a film festival devoted solely to world independent cinema. Though relatively young, Off Plus Camera has already been host to some of the most exciting and influential indie filmmakers of the last few years. Amongst Polish cinephiles it's often cited as a perfect and absolutely vital opener of the festival season, and one of the very few events that still keep the true spirit of independent film alive.

The remarkable line-up includes more than 100 films, among which are such beloved or critically acclaimed international features as: Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Bastards, Fruitvale Station, Gloria, Grand Piano, Mistaken for Strangers, Museum Hours, The Babadook, Tom at the Farm. Additionally, for Polish cinema aficionados there is a fine selection of the country's most notable new pictures: Ida, The Mighty Angel (aka The Strong Angel Inn), Walesa: Man of Hope, Floating Skyscrapers, The Word. All features screened in the competition section will fight for the prestigious Krakow Film Award of $100,000.

And in case you've missed the latest episodes of True Detective or can't remember the ending of The Wire then don't worry, you'll be able to catch up on the adventures of your favorite TV characters on the big screen. 

This year's retrospective focuses on Stanley Kubrick - Krakow will be one of the first European cities to host the magnificent "Stanley Kubrick" exhibition. Apart from that, Off Plus Camera will give its attendees a rare chance to watch the maverick director's films (Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut) under the starry sky, on the rooftops of some of the city's buildings.

Off Plus Camera takes place from 2-11 May in six of Krakow's well-chosen art house cinemas. Benedict Cumberbatch will be the special guest of the festival. Check out the full repertoire here.

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