This Fresh BORGMAN Clip Is Just Sink, No Swim, And All Awesome

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This Fresh BORGMAN Clip Is Just Sink, No Swim, And All Awesome

Much praise has been heaped upon Alex van Warmerdam's Borgman, which bowed at Cannes last year, and where our own Brian Clark had this to say:

Many will likely make comparisons between Borgman and another off-kilter descent into insulated evil, Dogtooth. Stylistically, they share much in common, and yes, Borgman
is essential watching for fans of the jet-black Greek comedy, but van
Warmerdam is much more interested in maintaining the ambiguity of the
menace  beneath the surface rather than letting it erupt for all to
In anticipation of its June 6 US release, our pals at Drafthouse Films have delivered a new clips which is most certainly a headscratcher, except well, how can you scratch your head when you're dead, and on top of that you've got a bucket of concrete on your noggin.

Check out the official site for a full list of play dates.

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jonpaisJune 4, 2014 9:51 AM

I'm liking the premise...