Trailer: THE MAN FROM NOWHERE Director Returns With THE CRYING MAN (우는 남자)

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Trailer: THE MAN FROM NOWHERE Director Returns With THE CRYING MAN (우는 남자)
Welcome back Lee Jeong-beom! The director of one of our favorite Korean action films, The Man From Nowhere, is returning this summer with the assassin thriller The Crying Man (우는 남자). There is not much of a description of the plot of the film, but here's what we know:

Veteran killer Gon (Jang Dong-gun - My Way, The Warrior's Way and Taegukgi) receives a mission, which is to target Mo-kyeong (Kim Min-hee). Trouble is, he has developed feelings for her. 

The teaser trailer was released and it oozes with style and the action looks impressive as well. 
For Lee's North American fans his new film also marks the Korean language debut of Brian Tee (Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift and The Wolverine). 

*Our man in Korea, Pierce Conran was speaking with CJ Entertainment yesterday and they let him know that the official title they are going with will be NO TEARS FOR THE DEAD. Which is insanely cooler*
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  • Hanajun Chung

    the voice over sounds like Brian Tee. met him at a screening of an indie he did. real nice dude.

  • maikel

    please tell me it wont be in english

  • softeyes

    That English voiceover though...

  • owen

    Loved man from nowhere and always had soft spot for Jang Dong-gun
    since nowhere to hide even the awful but super fun 2009 lost memories

  • Zero Lastimosa

    Nice slick teaser. Really like the song they used too! Anyone know what it is?

  • altsi

    Sounds like the one who sand the song from Man from Nowhere (Dear).
    Mad Soul Child

  • Howard

    if only she was a fat toad, #prettygirlshitmenkryptonite

  • Marcel Samson

    Haha, the assassin loves his target plot again, huh?

    Well, still going to check it out, loved The Man From Nowhere!

  • arturo

    Loved The Man From Nowhere and this looks promising, it's now on my list to see..

  • Guro Taku

    Could it be a Korean adaptation of the CRYING FREEMAN manga?

  • Don Drye

    I actually wouldn't mind a Korean adaptation.
    the Kong Kong version was pretty awful and the American one wasn't that great either, Although it had some pretty cool moments:

  • Sojourner

    Loads of action seemingly but my word I didn't recognize Jang Dong-gun at first.

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