Trailer for CRUEL SUMMER Shows Some Pretty Cruel Teenagers

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Trailer for CRUEL SUMMER Shows Some Pretty Cruel Teenagers
Teenagers can be quite nasty, especially to those they perceive as weak or whom they think they can attack without fear of retribution. Such is the case in the new film Cruel Summer. Shot in South Wales during the incredible hot summer of 2013, the plot is loosely based on a true story of three teenagers who violently attacked a friend without provocation or motive. Written and directed by Phillip Escott and Craig Newman, it mixes British social realism with hints of horror (trapped in the woods with someone hunting you down) in its first trailer.

Danny (Richard Pawulski), a teenager with autism, escapes the inner city for the beautiful countryside as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Little does he know, that bitter Nicholas (Danny Miller from Emmerdale Farm) is hunting him, stemming form a lie created by the enamoured and envious Julia (Natalie Martins) and Calvin (Reece Douglas). As the three close in on Danny, Nicholas' behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and violent, and Julia and Calvin must decide whether to go through with Nicholas' deadly plan.

Between BBC Wales producing Doctor Who and favourite son Gareth Evans making waves with The Raid, Wales is quickly becoming a hotbed of new film and television talent. The trailer shows a pretty intense story, with an escalation of violence that is disturbing as it reflects how terrifying teenagers can be when they think they're in the right and know how much power they have over someone weaker. The film includes music by Josef Prygodzicz  of Welsh band Winter Villains and material from UK hip-hop legend Thomas 'Verb T' Conning (who also has a cameo in the film). We've got the trailer and some stills below.
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RoboticPlagueApril 15, 2014 1:47 AM

This looks a lot like a low budget Japanese movie I saw a long time ago. They take this kid in the woods torture him cut off his junk etc. Then towards the end one of the guy shoves a shotgun into a girls special place and blows out her stomach. I think they all kill themselves. I can never remember the name of it.