Slick Trailers For Turkish Hitman Film PANZEHIR (ANTIDOTE)

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Slick Trailers For Turkish Hitman Film PANZEHIR (ANTIDOTE)
Though Turkish cinema is perhaps best known abroad for their arthouse dramas while local audiences tend to flock to broad comedies there's a long history of action cinema from Turkey as well, a history that has perhaps bubbled beneath the surface but has been there nonetheless. And writer-director Alper Çağlar is hoping to make a splash in that arena with his very slick looking Panzehir (Antidote).

The story is a familiar one, revolving around a hitman who wants to retire taking revenge on his former employers when they choose to poison him rather than letting him out of the game, but the execution looks slick and engaging. Take a look at the teaser and full trailer below. English subtitles included on the full trailer.
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