New Asian GODZILLA Trailer Reveals Gods And Other Monsters!

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New Asian GODZILLA Trailer Reveals Gods And Other Monsters!
The new Asian trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla give us the clearest look yet at old 'Zilla and what should be Rodan. 

And yet, all folks seem to have picked up on is the possible reveal of another creature from the Share Your Roar featurette. If you look behind Edwards at the :45 mark you will see a pink model of an unknown creature. Have a look at the hooks at the end of its appendages. Look familiar? 

SciFi Japan did some exhaustive coverage of all the Godzilla merch and this other Kaiju shows up in some of the toy sets. Could this be what we're seeing in this new trailer? 

I'm not going to post any images here for sake of spoilers. You can hit those links if you choose. You're all big kids wearing big kids' shoes now. 

Let them fight!
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  • CW Bitner

    The pink model is the MUTO, Rodan is not in the movie. THere are two MUtos so far.. if there are additional creatures, the producers have done a near perfect job hiding the fact. Maybe a post credit scene will reveal another TOHO Classis monster to arrive in the sequel which is pretty much a lock if the trailers are any indication.

  • Szmigiel

    looks like it follows the themes of Shusuke Kaneko's Heisei Gamera Trilogy from the late 90's. Which is a good thing, I think this movie may follow the formula from those films pretty closely.

  • Christian Alonso


  • JD82

    Godzilla vs the monster from Cloverfield?

  • Bender

    Clover doesn't fly and wasn't imprisoned by the US military.

  • JD82

    Yeah clearly not literally, just mean it looks kind of gangly and pointy to me. Haven't seen Cloverfield for a while though.

  • Michael Bates

    As more trailers come out...people scream ENOUGH.....but damn if
    anything it is making more of my friends whom were skeptical really more
    excited to see this film. This film looks exactly what Ishiro Honda would have envisioned. BRAVO Edwards!!!

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