Miike Takashi Going Back To His Roots With New Film YAKUZA APOCALYPSE

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Miike Takashi Going Back To His Roots With New Film YAKUZA APOCALYPSE
Miike Takashi has started shooting his new film Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld, reports Screen Daily. While the announcement of any new project by the prolific director automatically brings a great deal of anticipation, what he promises to do with Yakuza Apocalypse makes it particularly exciting. 

"Take a hike, boring Japanese productions! Against everyone's wishes, I'm going back to my roots on this one, and plan to go on a real rampage with Yakuza Apocalypse," Miike said, "I hope my cast and crew, and even myself make it out alive." 

Kagayama is a feeble but loyal underling to legendary yakuza boss Kamiura, who turns out to be a vampire. When an assassin from an international syndicate arrives in Japan to deliver an ultimatum, Kamiura is killed. But, not before he manages to bite Kagayama, and the transformed underling sets out to get revenge against a formidable team of assassins.

Sounds interesting? The film's lead actor Ichihara Hayato certainly thinks so. Ichihara, who previously worked with Miike in God's Puzzle, stated that he has "never seen such a wild and unusually plotted movie before". 

Yakuza Apocalypse is set to hit Japanese cinemas in 2015.

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  • virman susilo

    i'm waiting this movie to see maddog

  • Zwanster

    Returning to my boring office job after a week on holiday this news has seriously brightened up my day, bring on the Miike Yakuza madness!

  • Hugo Ozman

    Zwanster, thanks for your comment. I am so glad this news made a difference to your day! : )

  • wagnerfilm

    Given the title, I wonder if we should expect violence. (scratches chin)

  • Yakuza horror, yay! Hopefully it's like Gozu.

  • Don Drye

    I would really like to see Miike making an old school yakuza gangster flick again, but the story premise already makes it sound like a Noburu Iguchi film…

  • Aleks

    Hear, hear, Donald! Mr. Miike should take a queue from Takeshi Kitano and do a straight-up yakuza flick, preferably with quite a bit of the old ultra violence sans wackiness. Basically; 13 Yakuza.

  • Alex Perretti

    Would be a real throwback to earlier Miike films if Riki Takeuchi were on board as well. Did they have a falling out or something?

  • Don Drye

    Riki Takeuchi decided to focus on his music & bear wrestling career instead:


  • Jason Gray

    Takeuchi is a wild beast as "Buppa" in Sono's upcoming TOKYO TRIBE. Audiences will laff.

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