Hey London! Zipangu Fest Returns With FRANK CHICKENS, GOOD WIFE And More!

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Hey London! Zipangu Fest Returns With FRANK CHICKENS, GOOD WIFE And More!
Arguably the most unique and eclectic of film festivals in the UK to throw its focus on Japanese cinema, Zipangu Fest returns this 1st June, for an evening of weird and wonderful cinematic delights, curated and hosted by acclaimed Japanese film scholar and all-round good egg, Jasper Sharp.

This year's festival focuses its attentions on eccentric 80s pop-punk collective, Frank Chickens, fronted by Katsuko Hohki, who will be in attendance to present a screening of Robert Makin and Ollie Verschoyle's documentary Frank Chickens: The Movie. Other announced titles for the evening include Kim Longinotto's The Good Wife of Tokyo from 1993.

I was lucky enough to attend Zipangu Fest in 2012 and it proved an incredible celebratory experience of the sheer diversity of Japanese Cinema. Moving away from the familiar touchstones of jidai-geki grandeur and splatter gore gonzo filmmaking, Sharp's wide-ranging tastes encompass everything from documentary to music, to silent cinema and animation. The event will again take place at the wonderful treasure trove that is the Cinema Museum in Kennington, South London, formerly Charlie Chaplin's film studio, and now an Aladdin's cave of the best of British Cinema through the ages.

For more information about Zipangu Fest Vs Frank Chickens and the evening's lineup, like the festival's Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @ZipanguFest. Tickets can be purchased right here and you can check out a trailer for Frank Chickens: The Movie below.

Frank Chickens - The Movie Official Trailer from Ollie Verschoyle on Vimeo.

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