GAKKO NO KAIDAN: NOROI NO KOTODAMA Trailer: The Return Of A 90's Horror Franchise

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GAKKO NO KAIDAN: NOROI NO KOTODAMA Trailer: The Return Of A 90's Horror Franchise
If you're familiar with Haunted School (Gakkō no Kaidan), the successful Japanese horror film series from the 90's, then you probably know what to expect from the upcoming Gakkō no Kaidan: Noroi no Kotodama. But what you may not know is that all the main female characters are played by young members of the popular J-pop/idol group Tokyo Girls' Style. Given that Ochiai Masayuki (also responsible for the next Ju-on film) will attempt to revitalize a slightly forgotten franchise, the future of the project basically lies in the hands of those inexperienced actresses.

Although all four previous parts focused on elementary school children, Gakkō no Kaidan: Noroi no Kotodama takes spooky action into a more "mature" environment, namely a high school. The atmospheric first trailer doesn't really look as creepy as one might hope it would, but remember that the original idea was to keep the horror at a relatively family-friendly level (by Japanese standards). Here's how AsianWiki describes the plot:

Ayano, Miyu, Yuri and Mei are high school students. They learn about a fatal gas accident which occurred at a school in the past. The girls then experience unusual occurrences like hearing breathing from closed classrooms and seeing a person's shadow. Hitomi then sneaks into an abandoned school to shoot a horror video for the internet. Hitomi hears from her colleague Kimio about a fox's window which leads to the spirit world.

Gakkō no Kaidan: Noroi no Kotodama opens in Japan on May 23, 2014. Watch the Japanese-language trailer below!
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