Crowdfund This! Portuguese Documentary CENTRO DE DIA (RETIREMENT HOME)!

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Crowdfund This! Portuguese Documentary CENTRO DE DIA (RETIREMENT HOME)!
Portuguese director Fernando Lino needs your help to finish his documentary Centro De Dia, and not very much, frankly. Lino is in the final stages of post production on his documentary study of the residents of a small town retirement home - a production in which he spent six months shooting over 120 hours of footage of residents, filling virtually all roles other than composer himself - and he's looking to raise a thousand Euro to pay for sound mix on the film.

In a retirement home in Sandim, a small town in the north of Portugal, a group of elders have their day to day lives. The group is composed by retired farmers, veterans of the Ultramar war (portuguese colonial war), teachers, construction workers, among others.

In the morning they pray the rosary and have gymnastic lessons. After lunch they watch television, rest and the ones that are able go for a walk. There's also yoga lessons and sometimes tours to visit places.

Centro de Dia is the result of 6 months following a remarkable group of people.

Lino has posted a trailer and a small collection of clips from the film on the official IndieGoGo page - the trailer is also embedded below - and what he has captured so far appears quite remarkable. Check out out and throw a few bucks in the hat should you have the urge.

Centro de Dia - Regresso a Casa from Fernando Lino on Vimeo.

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