Watch The Very Promising First Teaser For Brunei Fight Drama YASMINE

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Watch The Very Promising First Teaser For Brunei Fight Drama YASMINE
We have been intrigued by director Siti Kamaluddin's action drama Yasmine since first coming across word of it back in October. It's just the second commercially produced film in the entire history of Brunei, for one thing, and it provides another look at the SE Asian fight style of silat - the same discipline used in The Raid - for another. And that Kamaluddin recruited frequent Jackie Chan collaborator Chan Man-Ching as fight choreographer ... well, you can see why we're interested, yes?

And now the first teaser has arrived to stoke interests even further. It's a brief but effective bit of work, one that doesn't give much in the way of story - the story, incidentally, revolves around a young woman struggling against family and gender expectations to become a silat champion - to focus on the action. Twenty year old star Liyana Yus reportedly dropped out of school to train full time for the role for a year and the results are looking impressive thus far. Take a look at the teaser below.
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