KUJIRA NO ITA NATSU: Watch First Trailer For Yoshida Yasuhiro's Coming Of Age Dramedy

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KUJIRA NO ITA NATSU: Watch First Trailer For Yoshida Yasuhiro's Coming Of Age Dramedy
Set in an unnamed Japanese seaside village, Kujira no Ita Natsu (literally Summer of the Whales, although the official English title is still not known) is a coming of age dramedy that centers on Chuuya (Nomura Shuhei), a small-town boy who suddenly decides to change his environment and move to Tokyo in order to give his quiet life a meaning. However, due to an unforeseen flood of nostalgic memories of high school days spent with three best friends, Chuuya slowly begins to change his mind.

Director Yoshida Yasuhiro has previously worked with young and relatively inexperienced Japanese actors on his two previous projects, Leaving on the 15th Spring and Enoshima Prism. He often films on location in lesser-known, natural areas around Japan, and casts local real-life models in most roles, adding much authenticity to his films. This will also be Yoshida's second collaboration with Nomura Shuhei (Enoshima Prism), one of Japan's rising stars.

Synopsis via Eigapedia:

Chuuya is a young whose life has been passing by without any dreams or goals until one day he suddenly decides he wants to move to Tokyo. His best friends from high school--J, Gizmo, and Machida--throw a big going away party on Chuuya's last day in town, but he becomes hesitant to leave as he clings to memories of the past. Soon, his friends make a certain proposal and an older girl named Yumiko who's been working as an entertainer in Tokyo appears.

Kujira no Ita Natsu opens in Japan on May 3, 2014. Check out the Japanese-language trailer below!
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