Ivan Reitman Will Not Direct GHOSTBUSTERS 3

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Ivan Reitman Will Not Direct GHOSTBUSTERS 3
In what can only be viewed as good news, it has been confirmed that Ivan Reitman no longer intends to direct the long-talked-about-despite-the-complete-and-utter-lack-of-actual-forward-progress Ghostbusters 3. No matter whether you are pro or anti further ghost busting, this is a good thing. Why?

Well, if you're one of those who wants a third Ghostbusters film and actually want it to be good, well, consider that Reitman is now more than twenty years removed from the last actually good film that he has directed, that being 1993's Dave. In the intervening years he has helmed Junior, Father's Day, Six Days Seven Nights, Evolution, Cooking Lessons, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, No Strings Attached and the yet to be released Draft Day, whose trailers look typically awful. Let's be honest: Is that the resume of a man you want directing Ghostbusters? Not me, thanks.

And if you're one of those who doesn't want more Ghostbusters ... well, Ramis is dead, Murray won't do it, and now Reitman is off, too. This thing is shedding more talent attachments than it's gaining so it's certainly not getting closer. At the very least at this point, if they do actually make it and it turns out to be awful at least there will be minimal involvement from the original creators in messing up their own creation in a last desperate attempt to remain relevant. Hey! Now we can just assume the worst and either get what we expected or be pleasantly surprised!

Reitman is sticking around as a producer, however, with the current script apparently undergoing rewrites to accommodate the passing of Harold Ramis.
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davebaxterMarch 19, 2014 9:08 PM

Ackroyd and Hudson train the next generation, with lots of easter egg quips for old fans and lots of new blood for the young'uns. Or they go all-out Star Trek and reboot with young versions of the originals.