Give Jesus Your Money! The FIST OF JESUS Punching Its Way To Feature Length!

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Give Jesus Your Money! The FIST OF JESUS Punching Its Way To Feature Length!
Jesus is coming and he's spreading carnage wherever he goes.

Imagine, if you will, that a young Alex de la Iglesia were to remake Monty Python's The Life Of Brian. This is, in essence, what Spanish directors David Munoz and Adrian Cardona did with their short film Fist Of Jesus and if it sounds like one of the greatest things ever, that's because it is. Outrageously bloody - not to mention shockingly well made - the film racked up awards on the festival circuit while also pulling in well over a million views on YouTube, where it became a huge cult sensation. And now the duo are hitting the crowd funding trail to raise the money for the full feature version, Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem.

I've actually had the chance to read the feature script for this and it's pretty damn amazing. If you've ever wanted to see Jesus team up with swamp mutants to battle post apocalyptic punks while a cowboy zombie roams the desert with his talking fish companion, well this is the movie for you. And if this isn't the movie for you, then I probably don't want to know you.

I'm throwing a hundred bucks of my own money into the pot for this one, that's how bad I want to see it. You should do the same. Take a look below for the new pitch trailer - including a load of new footage - along with the original short film and click here to support the campaign.
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