Get Ready For Some KILLING AMERICAN STYLE With Remastered Trailer

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Get Ready For Some KILLING AMERICAN STYLE With Remastered Trailer
Cinema Epoch are poised to continue their love affair with director Amir Shervan - best known for cult hit Samurai Cop - with their remastered release of his Killing American Style. Loaded with bikinis, shotguns and Robert Z'dar's intimidating jawline this thing just screams cult hit.

A gang of hot headed brutes lead by Tony Stone (Robert Z'Dar, 'Maniac Cop') and sexual sadist John Lynch (Himself) execute a robbery with some inside help. A bloody shoot-out with the LAPD ensues and the criminals are apprehended. After a brief stint in the slammer, the gang escapes a prison-bus with the help of Tony s brother Jesse (Alexander Verdin) who is critically wounded in the process. He needs a doctor, fast. A hospital visit too risky, they seek out other options. Now on the run, they commandeer a palatial residence, taking hostages. All - American good guy John Morgan (Harold Diamond, 'Rambo 3') returns home becoming a pawn; sent out to retrieve the doctor. All too aware they will face systematic execution when his usefulness expires, Morgan's killer instinct takes over. He now must outwit and out-gun the would-be thieves, American Style or his family may not live to see another day. Viewers of cult classics Hollywood Cop and Samurai Cop will enter a world of déjà vu. With many familiar faces, scenarios, one-liners and locations; a feeling of nostalgia overwhelms. As always, packed with absurdity and unintentional humour. Amir Shervan fans rejoice as this long overdue,beautifully remastered, formerly lost film is finally released!

Take a look at the trailer below.

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  • Dan.germouse

    You broke that jaw?

  • RoboticPlague

    It is Quagmire on a rampage...giggity

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