Film4 FrightFest Really, Really Wants You to Turn Your Bloody Phone Off!

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Film4 FrightFest Really, Really Wants You to Turn Your Bloody Phone Off!
So much so, that they've made a competition! While last year, a select group of filmmakers were invited to make short idents "encouraging" patrons to turn off their phones (and it was an amazing set of idents), this year they're opening it up to competition among budding filmmakers. This is a great opportunity to be creative, have fun, and get your short film seen by the masses! Details in the press release below, and you can watch one of last year's great idents (Jacqueline Wright's Dickhead, my favourite, with Wright's offering for this year also being responsible for the still above) below to get a feel for it.

Following on from the success of last year's 'Turn Off Your Bloody Phone'  idents,  Film4 FrightFest (in association with Ne'er Do Well Films) is launching a competition to find the most inventive, crazy and funny ways of reminding the audience to not only turn their phones off during the screenings but also keep the etiquette of cinema-going alive.

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of FrightFest, fans are encouraged to draw upon the festival's rich, wild and varied history and create films which highlight the importance of behaving reasonably within the auditorium during the festival.

 The competition is set to run between the 7st of March and the 11th August and will be judged by a prestigious jury including writer/director Sean Hogan and journalist and associate editor of Total Film Rosie Fletcher.

The five best entries as chosen by the jury will be screened at this summer's Film4 FrightFest alongside works from some of the greatest genre directors at UK's most prestigious genre film festival.

All that remains is for the fans to get involved! For more information fans can go to to

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