Crowdfund This! ZOMBOOBIES Need Your Money!

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Crowdfund This! ZOMBOOBIES Need Your Money!
The Zomboobies are coming to Kickstarter, they've got a brand new (and much extended) trailer, and they want your money! Yes, kids, the cult hit mock-trailer that hit the interwebs back in 2012 is looking to make the jump to a proper, full length feature film and its creators want your help.

In an attempt to create "perfect boobs" a team of doctors preform an ancient ritual that goes HORRIBLY WRONG transforming them into EVIL MUTANT CREATURES HUNGRY FOR BOOBS. Can a small group of WELL-DEVELOPED FEMALE CHARACTERS stop their evil hunger and prevent the doctors from summoning BOOBTHULU and bringing about BOOBMAGEDON!!? Contribute to find out!
Do we really need to go any farther with this? Take a look at the full length trailer and the official Kickstarter pitch video below.

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