BARAIRO NO BUKO Trailer: Comedy Specialist Fukuda Yuichi Is Back With More Laughter And Hijinks!

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BARAIRO NO BUKO Trailer: Comedy Specialist Fukuda Yuichi Is Back With More Laughter And Hijinks!
Here's a really good reason to get excited! It seems that Fukuda Yuichi, creator of such ridiculously entertaining action comedies as Kids Police and Hentai Kamen, has not one but two pictures set for 2014 release. Less than two months ago ScreenAnarchy showed you the first teaser for his upcoming female superhero feature Joshi Zu. Now it's time to present the bizarre-looking yet strangely seductive trailer for Fukuda's slapstick outing Barairo no Buko (literally Rose-colored Buko). Sashihara Rino of the HKT48 fame plays a girl who falls victim to her own daydreaming and in result goes through a series of painfully hilarious events that involve shojo manga, Twitter, Johnny Depp's doppelgänger and a fancy wig.

Clearly on a roll, Fukuda is quickly becoming one of the most respected voices in the Japanese comedy realm, and a viable rival for Miike Takashi, when it comes to overall number of pictures directed in a given period of time (this is his fifth in two years). What's even more impressive is the fact that Fukuda builds all of his stories from scratch and there's no shortage of awesome material hidden in them.

Here's the film's short synopsis (via AsianWiki): 

Sachiko is an university student. Her nickname is Buko, because she has been negative about everything since she was young. Sachiko believes someday she will meet a man like in a romance manga. Her university life is boring and she spends her time reading romance manga in her room. One day, on Twitter, she meets a man who uses the user name of Sparrow. He likes reading manga and looks like Johnny Depp. Sachiko makes a date to meet the man. She tries to change herself, but it's not so easy due to various unexpected incidents.

Barairo no Buko will have its Japanese premiere on May 30, 2014. Take a look at the amusing trailer below!
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Art VandelayMarch 24, 2014 10:22 PM

LOL at the Sailor Suit Machine Gun reference.