Watch The Trailer For Polish Football Documentary MUNDIAL. THE HIGHEST STAKES

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Watch The Trailer For Polish Football Documentary MUNDIAL. THE HIGHEST STAKES
Football has always been the most popular sport in Poland and for many years served as a perfect escape from the troubles of everyday life. Though the national team isn't as strong as it once was, many people still value the importance of its contribution to promoting Polish talent across the globe, and gather in front of TVs every time their favorite team is playing.

Co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Michal Bielawski's documentary Mundial. The Highest Stakes explores the relationship between football and politics in the excruciating period of Marital Law in Poland.

The "EspaƱa '82" World Cup was the last big success of the Polish national football team. The whole Poland watched the performance of our soccer players. For a brief moment, Polish people forgot the bleak reality of Martial Law: censorship, troops on the streets, prisons overflowing with members of the political opposition.

The film had its world premiere in August 2012 in Gdansk, then toured around the world collecting rather positive reviews. Until late last year there were no actual signs of a wider release, but with the help of local distributor Against Gravity the official premiere date has finally been announced. You can catch Mundial. The Highest Stakes in cinemas across Poland from May 23, 2014.

Watch the Polish-language trailer below.
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