Watch An Extended Promo For Ato Bautista's GEMINI

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Watch An Extended Promo For Ato Bautista's GEMINI
Filipino director Ato Bautista - a great favorite around these parts - is currently in post production on his latest feature, a psychological thriller titled Gemini, and has posted an extended promo for the film online.

Julia, a psychiatric patient is tormented by her demons. Stricken by guilt and fear, she seeks the help of Manuel, a mysterious police detective, to save her from Judith, her estranged evil twin sister who wants her dead. As Julia and Manuel track Judith down and solve the crime that the twins committed years back, the film spirals down to a mind boggling ride as the truth of Julia's nightmarish dark past unravels.
Running more than four minutes long this is more of an in-progress snapshot of what Bautista and his crew are up to here than it is any sort of conventional trailer and it's very much worth a look. Check it out below.

Ato Bautista's GEMINI (Trailer) from Ato Bautista on Vimeo.

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