Turkish Boogeyman Lurks In The Woods Of GULYABANI

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Turkish Boogeyman Lurks In The Woods Of GULYABANI
Dear women of Turkey, or at least women of Orçun Benli's Gulyabani: If you happen to find yourself alone in the remote woods when you stumble upon a sealed well in the middle of nowhere, just leave it sealed. Don't open it. That's a bad idea .... oh, too late.

Yes, the basic premise of Benli's upcoming Turkish horror film is a familiar one, for the most part, but 'cabin in the woods' movies keep popping up because they keep proving popular and while I don't know if I'd enjoy the trailer for Benli's offering nearly as much if I could understand what they're actually saying, well, it's a whole lot of fun this way thanks to its weirdly cartoonish villain, massively camp fortune teller, a familiar premise tweaked just enough to make it fun, and some surprisingly strong production values.

Take a look below to see what lurks in the woods of Turkey ...
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