Trailer: Polish Psychological Thriller THE WORD

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Trailer: Polish Psychological Thriller THE WORD
How far would you go to make up for mistakes that ruined your relationship? 

Through mixing elements of coming-of-age drama and psychological thriller, Anna Kazejak (Flying Pigs) delves into painful and difficult issues of young love, infidelity, and emotional manipulation. Three years ago, Jan Komasa's dramatic Suicide Club proved that focusing on a similarly "hot" topic is the key to success, and given The Word's positive first reviews, it might easily become a box office hit in its native Poland.

Here's the film's synopsis (via Polish Film Institute):

Liliana's nightmare came true three weeks ago: her boyfriend Janek kissed another girl at a party. Though he is filled with remorse, she just cannot forgive him. Days before the end of the school year, Liliana gives Janek an ultimatum, giving him 24 hours to either prove his love for her or forget about her altogether.

The Word (Obietnica) premiered at Generation 14 Plus section of the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival. The picture will be released in Polish cinemas March 14, 2014. 

See the full-length trailer below!
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