Trailer: Finally Hong Kong Will Witness The WRATH OF VAJRA!

Asian Editor; Hong Kong, China (@Marshy00)
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Trailer: Finally Hong Kong Will Witness The WRATH OF VAJRA!
Originally scheduled for a release back in the summer of 2013, Law Wing Cheong's martial arts/horror hybrid has finally landed a domestic release date, and is set to screen in Hong Kong from 6 March.

Marking the first lead role for shaolin monk-turned-action hero Xing Yu (Flash Point, Shaolin), the film focuses on a Japanese death cult enlisted by the military to raise assassins to unleash on the Chinese. 

Contrary to previous information and earlier screenings of the film overseas, Wrath of Vajra will not be released in Hong Kong in 3D. Check out the film's official poster and trailer.
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  • james

    actually, it was released in HK in 3D

  • tocil

    it's looks good, but too much acrobatic styles. imo

  • RoboticPlague

    off topic but any word on Judge Archer? It vanished.

  • That's a good question ... I liked it a fair bit when I caught it at a festival, though I do prefer The Sword Identity.

  • RoboticPlague

    Is there more than one version of Sword Identity? The one I watched didnt seem to make sense. I saw the american release which had english dub and subs.

  • Wjr.

    I've seen this film and the fight scenes with Xing Yu are spectacular,he holds his own as a leading man for sure,he reminds you of Bruce Lee with his cool demeanor.

  • Qinlong

    I can't really picture Xing Yu as a lead (he's more in the Dick Wei/Ken Lo/Billy Chow mould of formidable martial arts supporting players to me), but at least that makes me curious.

  • TheAngryInternet

    I saw this when it opened in the mainland last year (incidentally it wasn't 3D here either, even though this is a very 3D-friendly market). Xing Yu is, how shall I say, of limited actorly skills, but the movie is just goofy enough that you can pretend he's doing a parody of an "Impassive Badass" character. It should go without saying that he's good in the fight scenes, and the occasional assists are still to the movie's benefit (there's a priceless moment where he uses the crown of his head to bounce off a solid stone floor). To me it suggested what Story of Ricky would've been if they'd stripped out the extreme gore but kept most of the other craziness, which I mean entirely as a compliment. It also has the dialogue "Face death and kiss its ass!"

  • RM

    oh, great to see xing yu getting a lead role! seems like an enjoyable movie, lots of violence :P

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