Fearsome Samurai Meets Cute Kitty.

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Fearsome Samurai Meets Cute Kitty.
One for the "Only From Japan" file? I think so.

A feature length outing of a (presumably) popular TV series, Neko Samurai tells the tale of a down on his luck samurai hired - wait for it - to kill a cat. But it's so fuzzy. So cute. And he just can't do it.

The man with the eyebrows in the lead role is Kitamura Kazuki, seen rather a lot in these parts recently thanks to his lead role in The Mo Brothers' Killers (in which he'd have no problem at all killing a cat) and a smaller support part in Gareth Huw Evans' The Raid 2 (ditto) plus a fairly lengthy history with Miike Takashi (ditto ditto).

Check out the trailer below.
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  • Zeto

    God bless Japan!

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