THE WAY HOME Trailer: The Tohoku Disaster And Its Effect On One Family's Shattered Life

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THE WAY HOME Trailer: The Tohoku Disaster And Its Effect On One Family's Shattered Life
March 11, 2014 marks three years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Until this day, Japanese people have been trying to find new ways to cope with this enormous tragedy. 

Through the art of filmmaking, many of the country's directors wanted to express their need to lessen the impact of that horrifying atomic disaster. Some have succeeded, others have not, but the fact is that many recently released Japanese pictures touch upon the issues that concern those unforgettable events. Although numerous films base their entire narrative on that topic (i.e. Nuclear Nation), there are also pictures that use it only as a catalyst to build a completely different story (i.e. Himizu).

First-time director Kubota Nao is about to do the latter with his film The Way Home (Ieji). The film's official synopsis and its Japanese-language trailer promise many poignant and emotional moments within a drama that emphasizes the true meaning of family and teaches how to reconcile with a painful past:

When Jiro Sawada (Kenichi Matsuyama) was a sophomore in high school he was framed for something he did not do. Afterwards, he left his hometown in a small village in Fukushima Prefecture. After the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Jiro Sawada goes back to his hometown, when nobody is able to live there, and begins to live there again. His separated family begin to reunite. 

Matsuyama Kenichi, one of Japan's most promising young actors, plays the main part. The film is supplemented by a song called Ai ni Ukeru by Saiyu, a singer, whose music is featured in films such as All About Lily Chou and Kill Bill. Check out the trailer below!
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