The Devil Hides In The Jungle In Teaser Trailer for LA CARA DEL DIABLO

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The Devil Hides In The Jungle In Teaser Trailer for LA CARA DEL DIABLO

Horror is a genre which has never really caught on with Peruvian filmmakers, despite its popularity with audiences; regional films are a huge exception, but they've always had obstacles to overcome in reaching a mass audience.

All this changed with the 2013 release of Cementerio General, a found footage fright flick which became the second highest grossing local film for the year. This has opened the door for many directors to try their hand at horror pictures.

One of them is Frank Pérez-Garland, who wrapped filming on his latest, La Cara del Diablo ("Face of the Devil") a few months ago. In it, a group of teenagers arrive at a hostel located in the jungle for a vacation, only to fall prey to evil local spirits.

It's quite a departure for Pérez-Garland; his first film, 2005's Un Día Sin Sexo ("A Day Without Sex") was a simple and lighthearted comedy/drama about relationships. He revisited the same territory as one of the directors of 2009's omnibus film Cuatro ("Four"); and he's currently in post-production on the romance drama El y Ella ("Him and Her") also due for release this year.

It'll be interesting to see how a director known for urban-set relationship dramas fares with genre material. A teaser for the movie was recently released, which you can watch below. Like any good teaser, it doesn't reveal much, other than these kids being in for a whole heap of trouble.

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