Our Facebook Quiz Just Turned 200!

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Our Facebook Quiz Just Turned 200!
Way back when ScreenAnarchy had its own separate forum, the most-watched topic used to be the screenshot quiz. The rules were simple: someone would post a screenshot, and the person who guessed the movie won the right to post the NEXT screenshot. And this went on for seven years, until well over a thousand films had been guessed. Then times changed: the forum went dead as people moved discussions over to social media.

But last year we relaunched a new forum on our Facebook page. And what was the first topic we put on it? The screenshot quiz of course!!! We decided to reboot it fresh, with slightly revised rules, and with a winners list added for bragging purposes. No prizes, this is just for fun and glory.

This weekend, we reached a milestone: the 200th film in the quiz was guessed! It was Galaxy of Terror, and was guessed correctly by long-time player Frank Dupont, so congrats to him. And he already has guessed number 201 correct as well!

Maybe you recognized one or more films in the picture above? All these shots have featured in the quiz and all have been guessed. 
So you might want to head over to our Facebook page, hit the TTF button under the header picture and have a go at the three films which are currently unidentified!
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  • Will Schuster

    i thought the forum was closed a lone time ago?

  • Ard Vijn

    The old forum website is closed down. But we've created a new forum which is attached to our Facebook page, and we've continued the quiz there.

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