Hungarian Teen Sci-Fi Flick AURA Trailer Is Surrounded By An Invisible Force

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Hungarian Teen Sci-Fi Flick AURA Trailer Is Surrounded By An Invisible Force
In a lot of sci-fi flicks when an invisible force surrounds something it usually is a small town which allows the characters in the film a fair amount of real estate in which to run around scared in. In The Name Of Sherlock Holmes filmmaker Zsolt Bernath has chosen to confine his characters to a much smaller space in his next independent film, Aura

Four teens in a car, with the Hungarian version of Cronenberg's Clark Nova typewriter in the back, and not much else. We have the trailer from his next film and also some stills from the film to share with you. The full synopsis is below. 

Four kids, Tokyo, Pete, Adam and Esther wake up in their stranded car in an abandoned field only to find that the Sun did not rise. 

What's more, they discover that a strange, 30 foot diameter, almost invisible, bionic "aura" is covering their surroundings. It reacts to their touches, and soon mysterious things start to happen: our heroes find seashells in and around their car, the smell and the sound of the ocean fill the air, and long lost memories start to materialize in the front of their very eyes. 

Rainfall from nowhere, unexplainable noises, mysterious messages and clues hidden all around force them to go along on an unreal investigation that reveals much more than they would have ever hoped for: they unearth long forgotten secrets rooted deep in the very beginning of mankind's existence. And these secrets have direct consequences not only on their lives - but on the survival of our planet as we know it. 

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