Oh, No! It's A TIME TRAP!

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Oh, No! It's A TIME TRAP!
Beware young people with cameras for the future, one day, will be theirs. At least, it'll be the talented ones'. And one of those is Australia's Michael Shanks who - still in his early 20s - has already impressed with a string of fabulous music videos and video game themed videos and has just released the trailer for his homespun scifi short Time Trap.

Marooned on a dead Earth, a lone space traveler must delve into the planet's history in order to find his way home.

Low budget? Yes, and gloriously so. Take a look at the trailer below.

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  • So, where is the fuckin' movie? Where shall I send my 20 bucks to see something more than the trailer?

  • airchinapilot

    Michael Shanks from Stargate?

  • Justin Edwards

    Wish there was some dialogue here, but otherwise looks exciting.

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