Kiki Flies In With The First Full Trailer For Live-Action KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE

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Kiki Flies In With The First Full Trailer For Live-Action KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE
The long wait is finally over! The film's official website has been updated today with the first trailer for Shimizu Takashi's live action Kiki's Delivery Service. Everyone's beloved little witch (played by Koshiba Fuka) is back and appears more dazzling than ever. Apart from exploring the setting from the previous teaser, this time we can also catch a glimpse of her fantastic adventures. The film looks rather cute, colorful, and pleasant but there's definitely too much green screen and CGI here as well, what in the long run might prove to be its biggest problem.

Kiki's Delivery Service isn't based on the 1989 Studio Ghibli picture, but on Kadono Eiko's series of children's fantasy novels. Both fans of the original anime and avid readers of the the books should get excited about this version, as it will surely bring back a lot of fond memories.

Th film will have its Japanese premiere March 1, 2014. Check out the trailer below!
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  • Zeto

    Definitely superior to any attempt from Hollywood. Remember Dragonball Evolution? Now try to imagine an american version of Kiki!

  • Remember The Magnificent Seven (remake of The Seven Samurai)? Remember Road To Perdition (remake of Lone Wolf And Cub)? Heck, even remember The Ring and The Grudge (both of which are perfectly serviceable)? This is a pretty ridiculous statement. If another version turned out bad it would be because the specific people involved botched it, not because of country of origin. There's LOADS of utter shite made in Japan, too.

  • Zeto

    I truly understand your position, but 99.99% of the remakes are garbage.

  • That's a gross exaggeration. The hit / miss rate on remake is not any demonstrably worse than on original content. Only difference is they're subject to more scrutiny. Most movies, regardless of whether or original or remake, are pretty crappy. And all deserve to be judged based on their own merits and whether they accomplish what they set out to do.

  • Dan Lock

    I just found the music far too distracting.

  • debbiedowner3

    Um..... Where's Jiji?

  • StopLiberalHate

    WE WANT THE KITTY !!!!!!!!

  • $88250369

    Get a life

  • StopLiberalHate

    Says the troll who cyberstalks people....

  • Patryk

    I've been meaning to ask the exact same question.

  • Kurt

    Yie. I actually do not like the look of this (aesthetically) at all. I mean the stills all look fantastic, but seeing everything in motion, and the art direction as a space is kind of ungainly.

  • TapewormBike

    It looks very 90s TVish, if you know what I mean.

  • Patryk

    It would probably be better off as a TV movie.

  • marshy00

    Agreed, it's a quality-looking cast, but I'm just not feeling this at all.

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