Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Take A Musical Trip To PATCH TOWN

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Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Take A Musical Trip To PATCH TOWN
ScreenAnarchy is proud to host this world exclusive premiere of the latest trailer for Craig Goodwill's Patch Town. The film is based on the award winning short (that ScreenAnarchy covered way back in 2011) which played TIFF, Cannes and a slew of other fests to much acclaim. Now in 2013, the story has been expanded to feature length, using a bunch of the original cast and including a few new suprises.

Patch Town is a quirky mix of genres and tone. It's got a David Lynch-meets-Little Shop Of Horrors vibe, complete with a dash of Cabbage Patch Kids nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

There are strong performances and appropriately moody visuals, and having seen the finished project it's sure to find many fans of its unique blend of elements. The trailer itself is a kind of delicious nod to Kubrick (echoing both the trailer of Dr. Strangelove and Clockwork Orange's score), and gives a sense of both the fabulous photography and the film's slightly off-kilter sensibility.

Here's the summary from the film's official site:

After years in a loving home, Jon, a toy, was forgotten, deserted and ultimately betrayed by his adoptive mother. He returns to live a sad life as a worker on the line; a life of factory work and oppression in a place where hundreds of cabbage babies are born every day. The thankless task of shucking, picking, and processing these newborns to go out into the world and to their new mothers has taken its toll on Jon. With each new birth, Jon slips deeper into sadness, lamenting the days when life was good and he was loved.

When Jon learns that the evil child catcher, Yuri, has discovered Jon and his wife Mary have stolen a new born baby from the factory floor, he moves into action to escape the oppressive city and find a safe home for his wife and child. Jon and his family finally manage to escape and make their way to the big city, a place and a people they have come to fear. He soon finds work during the holiday season through his new friend Sly, who gives him the do's and don'ts of operating in the human world.

With each day, Jon and Mary find the safety and sense of home they have always longed for, but it isn't enough. Yuri soon discovers that Jon and his family have escaped and he sets out to kidnap the one person who will bring them back to him: his mother. Jon is torn between saving the mother he has always dreamed or saving his own family.

Jon finds the courage to return to Patch Town to not only save his mother but his own people and to truly be free. For as long as Patch Town exists as an oppressive place him and all of his kind can never be free!

Patch Town will be playing as part of the Borsos Competition at the Whistler Film Festival, with more festival dates to be announced shortly.
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Monsiuer HulotDecember 2, 2013 3:41 PM

Looks cool! There were several shots in there that reminded me of "City of Children".

Mr. CavinDecember 2, 2013 4:30 PM

...or perhaps even Delicatessen. It's as if Jeunet and Stuart Gordon had a friendly-but-puckish baby.

God of JoyDecember 2, 2013 8:49 PM

love it.

davebaxterDecember 3, 2013 9:14 PM

Good call, it does have a Gordon-y vibe. I hope I'll find this more up my alley than Repo (I really wanted to like Repo, but didn't). Definitely glad this got a feature treatment, regardless.