Bilbo, Smaug And Thorin Meet Dandalf The Disco Wizard

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Bilbo, Smaug And Thorin Meet Dandalf The Disco Wizard
Here we go, Hobbit fans ... Berlin based prankster Daniele Rizzo managed to land video interviews with stars Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Armitage (that'd be Bilbo, Smaug and Thorin) and, as per his normal lunacy, showed up in costume to conduct the interviews in character, this time as Dandalf the Disco Wizard.

The beauty of Rizzo's efforts is in watching the candid reactions of actors in the midst of a long, numbing press junket in which they're asked the same questions over and over and over again struggle to keep up with the fact that there's an obvious madman in the room and all three of the interview subjects here are great fun. Freeman and Armitage roll with it immediately while Cumberbatch at first seems unsure about whether he should leave, hit someone, or play along before settling into some amazingly deadpan dialog. Check out his thoughts on Smaug around the 4:45 mark, in particular.

Check out the complete video below.

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  • mojo muning

    You should check out Cumberbatch in Rizzo's Spocko interview during STiD press. Hilarious! I love how in-character Cumberbatch is in this one.

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