THESE FINAL HOURS: First Trailer For Award Winning Aussie Thriller Ushers In The Apocalypse With A Bang

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THESE FINAL HOURS: First Trailer For Award Winning Aussie Thriller Ushers In The Apocalypse With A Bang
[Trailer removed at producer's request.]

Australian apocalyptic drama These Final Hours was a big winner at the Melbourne International Film Festival - shortly after which it scored a big distribution deal in its homeland - and with the American Film Market just around the corner, international sales agents Celluloid Dreams have published the first trailer for the film on their website.

It's the last day on Earth, twelve hours before a cataclysmic event will end life as we know it. A troubled young man named James makes his way across a lawless and chaotic city to the party to end all parties. However, along the way he ends up saving the life of a little girl named Rose, desperately searching for her father. Stuck with the unexpected burden of responsibility, James is forced to come to terms with what really matters in life and helps Rose find her father which ultimately leads him on a path to redemption.
Take a look below for a look at the last twelve hours of life on earth.

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Alexander ScottNovember 3, 2013 9:20 PM

Australian film industry, funding bodies etc, more like this please.
Congrats to the film makers who pulled this together.

arturoNovember 4, 2013 7:42 AM

That was an impressive trailer, looks like my type of film..

skribeNovember 4, 2013 7:12 PM

The people who were running Screenwest when this was put together really know their stuff. Hopefully this will start a trend of excellence.

Rob McClainNovember 8, 2013 8:40 AM

Took my son to see Raid: Redemption instead of some prison in space crapola that was out at same time. He was bitching in the theatre right up until the film started. Then, by ten minutes in, he was hanging over the seat in front of him in slack-jawed wonder. It is now his favorite action film. One caution; never, ever watched a dubbed version. It makes it a horrifyingly bad experience.