Oi! Australia! Win Tickets To The World Premiere Of Andrew Traucki's THE JUNGLE At Monster Fest

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Oi! Australia! Win Tickets To The World Premiere Of Andrew Traucki's THE JUNGLE At Monster Fest
Do you live in Australia (lucky bastards) and plan on attending Monster Fest? More importantly, if you are attending Monster Fest and plan on seeing Andrew Traucki's latest film The Jungle, would you like to do so for free? Then have we got a deal for you!

All you have to do is send our contact Down Under, Simon, your answer to a mind-boggling skill-testing question below. Simon will then write your name on an individual boomerang, throw all of them at once and the first five to come back will win a double pass to the screening on Saturday, November 23 at 7:30 p.m. You can pick up your double pass at the door the night of the screening. You just have to identify which Bruce and/or Sheila you are.   

Big cat expert Larry Black (Rupert Reid) and his brother Ben head out on an expedition into the Indonesian wilds, trying to find and document the rare and endangered Javan Leopard. The deeper into the jungle they get, the more nervous their Indonesian guides become as local rumours spin horrific tales of black magic and of a werewolf-like creature that will kill any invader into it's territory.

Determined to fulfill his conservationist mission, Larry laughs off the warnings as superstitious nonsense and harries the expedition even deeper into the rainforest. But it's not long before even he begins to realise that they are slowly being stalked by a deadly, unseen predator.

Now. That skill-testing question. 

Simply write Simon and tell him the titles of Traucki's first two feature films

See? Easy, right? You might even say the answer is right 'down under' your noses. To the left. On the poster. At the bottom. We're practically giving these passes away!

Hop to it! All answers must be submitted by Midnight this Saturday, November 16. 
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