Impressive Teaser For Klas Marklund's Gritty Short THE PACK (FLOKKEN)

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Impressive Teaser For Klas Marklund's Gritty Short THE PACK (FLOKKEN)
As is the case with most film schools around the world, every year the Danish National Film School sets its graduating students the task of completing an extended short film as their final project. Unlike many schools, however, the Danish school is widely supported by the established industry who see these films (quite rightly) as the training ground for the next wave of talent and the results are often remarkable.

Enter Klas Marklund and his short film The Pack (Flokken).

A hardened group of young people in a dreary village, somewhere. The outsider Lasse is invited into the pack. A world of beauty and temptation lies ahead of him. But danger awaits like a predator in the dark.
A short teaser for the 27 minute film has arrived online and while it does not include English subtitles you don't really need them to see that Marklund is really quite good. Take a look below.

FLOKKEN - trailer til afgangsfilm fra Den Danske Filmskole from Afgangsfilm2013 on Vimeo.

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