Exclusive: Neo-Western WASTELAND Finds Its Outlaw Leads

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Exclusive: Neo-Western WASTELAND Finds Its Outlaw Leads

Young Italian filmmaker Hermes Cavagnini has begun production on his second feature, Wasteland, described as a gritty crime thriller, and has named two of his outlaw leads.

Patrick Sane played one of the White Supremacist bad guys in the final season of Breaking Bad, while character actor Tim Taylor nabbed a small role in The Hunger Games, among others.

According to the official synopsis, Wasteland follows four modern-day outlaws who are "pursued by a female bounty hunter along the Mexican/American border, unaware that fate will throw them together in a most unexpected way."

Shooting on Wasteland has started along the Rio Grande in Texas. The film is aiming to hit theaters in the fall of 2014.

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