EXCLUSIVE: Full Trailer For Aussie Neo-Giallo Feature SORORAL

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EXCLUSIVE: Full Trailer For Aussie Neo-Giallo Feature SORORAL
A little while back, ScreenAnarchy brought you the exclusive teasers for Sororal, Australia's first neo-giallo feature from the creative team at Nakatomi Pictures. And now, we have an exclusive full trailer to show you. Enjoy!

Cassie (Amanda Woodhams) is tormented by horrific visions that follow her from her dreams into her waking life. The troubled artist copes with this curse that isolates her from the outside world by committing her violent visions to canvas. Cassie's life is thrown into further disarray when it is revealed that her visions are depictions of real life murders. As her friends and family start turning up dead, Cassie realizes that her link to the killer works both ways and if she is to survive, she must unearth her family's carefully hidden secrets and confront her own sordid past.  

Sororal will be screening at Melbourne's Monster Fest at 8.30pm on Sunday November 24 at Cinema Nova, Carlton. Director Sam Barrett and producer David Karsten will be there to introduce their film. 

You can find out more about Sororal at the film's official Facebook page.
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davebaxterNovember 21, 2013 9:26 PM

I got to see this as I live with a screener for a big festival I won't name. It has its moments, but I really wanted to like it more than I actually did. The execution will be very taster's choice as it's less coherent than even the films it's homaging, while also being less creative. It has LOTS of ideas but very little understanding of how to glue them all together. This includes tone, which was equally all over the place. Sometimes that can work, in Sororal's case it just made it a slog. Imagine watching a modern Argento film that's trying to homage his own previous work, and that's what you get here. I hope the filmmakers decide to work with a stronger writer next time. Otherwise a worthy effort. Now they just have to make something that's more than that.