APOKALIPS X: Watch The Sales Promo For The Post Apocalyptic Action Fantasy

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APOKALIPS X: Watch The Sales Promo For The Post Apocalyptic Action Fantasy
It's been a long time coming for Mamat Khalid's post-apocalyptic action fantasy Apokalips X. A hugely popular director in his native Malaysia - where he is responsible for a string of massively successful horror comedies - Khalid changed gears significantly with Apokalips X, aiming for something bigger, more effects driven and more complex by far than most of what is produced in Malaysia. The post production process has been long and complicated but the film is now completed and is being offered for international sales at the American Film Market by Birch Tree Films, who have offered us a look at their English dubbed international sales promo.

Chemical warfare has destroyed the world leaving only a handful of teens and youngsters alive and struggling to carve out a place for them. Three groups have conquered an area which are Putih (White) headed by SRI GALA, Hitam (Black) headed by X and Tedung (Snake) is headed by KALA, a nasty conniving gang head. Three of them have their own teenage followers. But in the clan itself, they have an internal conflict - juniors keep blaming seniors for what has happened. In a power play conjured up by Tedung, Putih declares war on Hitam, though X refuses to join in the fight. They have agreed to a truce way before, and X does not want to break the truce. X lost his wife, ZARA in a fight between him and KALA. Since that moment X promised himself that he will never fight again. X's brothers are seething! They will be destroyed by SRI GALA if they do not do something! The love blooms between two teenagers, AMAN CHAI (X's brother) and QIQI (SRI GALA's daughter) makes both X and SRI GALA are not happy. This will inevitably lead the two gangs to fight again, which X has been trying to avoid.

Take a look below.
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RoboticPlagueNovember 11, 2013 11:04 PM

That dub makes me not care about this movie at all.

BosNovember 12, 2013 9:10 AM

The whole trailer looks like crap, this is what makes me not care about this movie at all