Trailer: ARCHER Feels "The Need...The Need For Speed"

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Trailer: ARCHER Feels "The Need...The Need For Speed"
Behold - characters from what is perhaps the finest comedy in the history of artistic expression riffing on the best F16 F-14 Tomcat training school Tony Scott movie ever made.

For those too young to remember when MTV played music videos and Kenny Loggins was finally flying solo from Monsieur Messina, this is some supremely excellent stuff.

Careful, it's a dangerous road to the Danger Zone. Archer's new season starts January 2014.
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  • Keenan Courtez

    This show so far has been flawless, except in season for when kreiger accuses ms archer of killing the hobbit guy and episode before it actually happens.

  • Tuan Jim

    F-16? Really? That's just sad.

  • Oh, god, that's embarrassing... Good catch, consider it just the excitement of seeing Pam with Meg Ryan hair leading me astray

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