Giveaway: Win Yerself 100 BLOODY ACRES, Y'all!! On DVD.

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Giveaway: Win Yerself 100 BLOODY ACRES, Y'all!! On DVD.
This movie -- 100 Bloody Acres -- is simply outstanding in it's field. Very simply. Rednecks? check. Gore? Check. Meat Grinder? Check. Flying nuns? Sorry. Sally Field could not be reached for comment. But I have no doubt she would have jumped at the chance to be in this and you should not pass up a chance to win one of the five DVD's we've been sent. The disc has a ton of extras and the film has a lot of solid buzz. 

To win email me here.

Use the subject line: OOEY GOOEY SOO-EEEY

First five to enter get the goods. 
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