First Trailer For Abortion-Themed Chilean Thriller APIO VERDE Provokes Controversy

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First Trailer For Abortion-Themed Chilean Thriller APIO VERDE Provokes Controversy

The first trailer of the new movie by genre-film Chilean director Francesc Morales (Humanimal), has appeared after months from its first screenings around the world in different festivals and venues, and now is trying to have a Chilean release, but for that, it needs your help.

The director has put up a page to raise 2000 dollars to have it released in Chilean theaters, that is the main goal for a movie like this, that tries to bring a new topic to the table: therapeutic abortion, a practice that is illegal in the South American country. The film tries to raise awareness about this subject, and the synopsis reads as follows:

Adriana is told the child she's expecting has a brain malformation that won't allow him to live outside her womb. Knowing her child's fate, she starts considering an abortion. As Chile has severe laws against it, she's trapped on a situation that drives her to madness. As her belly gets bigger, her hate gets darker.

Apio Verde is a psychological thriller that focuses on a very important social issue for women's rights: The legalization of therapeutic abortion. Chile is one of the five countries in the world where an abortion can't be made under any circumstances, even when the mother's life is in danger. Apio Verde is a fiction story based on Chile's most emblematic case.

Enjoy the trailer below, and if you find it interesting, donate to the cause of getting it released, it's already made so there's no risk involved here!

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