First Blood Soaked Images From Guillermo Martinez' THE DEVIL'S WOMEN

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Young Argentinian director Guillermo Martinez caught the eye of horror fans earlier this year with his debut feature - the rape revenge picture When Your Flesh Screams. And with that picture now in post he's already at work on his sophomore effort, The Devil's Women (Las Mujeres Del Diablo), which promises to be every bit as shocking.

The story revolves around Irene, a young woman who is recovering from a brutal beating perpetrated by her former lover. She decides to regain her energy and zest for life which she believed impossible after finding out she had lost a baby due to the multiple injuries she had suffer from the violent act. Her best friend recommends some kind of activity that revitalized her strength. Irene enthusiastic believes she has found the answer in a booklet: theater classes. Once registered into the academy she never imagined being the only student at the mercy of a pair of deranged psychopaths who truly worship women's flagellation as the solution of sins.
Check the first images below and visit the official Facebook page for more.

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