Discover Satanism In Sitges

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Discover Satanism In Sitges
Audiences at the Sitges Film Festival have been spoiled this year, treated to a hysterically funny - in very dry, understated style - series of 'public service announcements' screening before all feature films. This year's festival bumpers perfectly mimic the style of the ultra-happy television PR campaigns conducted by the Mormon church, among others, except instead of asking you to consider the possibility that golden tablets descended from heaven will make your family life so much more fulfilling they instead ask you to consider how much happier you would be if you embrace Satanism.

Take a look at the complete series of videos below.

Bashir from China on Vimeo.

Molly from China on Vimeo.

Owen from China on Vimeo.

Daniel from China on Vimeo.

Josh & Amelia from China on Vimeo.

Dan & Kyle from China on Vimeo.

Ordinary People - English from China on Vimeo.

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r0rschachOctober 15, 2013 1:57 AM

This is the best thing ever.