Cult Hit Short FIST OF JESUS Feature Expansion Lands A Producer, Gunning For Production In 2014

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Cult Hit Short FIST OF JESUS Feature Expansion Lands A Producer, Gunning For Production In 2014
The Messiah is coming and he brings a bloody fist with him.

David Munoz and Adrian Cardona's short film Fist Of Jesus has proven to be something of a sensation online - where it's been viewed more than three million times - so it should come as no surprised that the duo's publicly wished-for feature length expansion is now also primed and ready to go ahead.

Munoz and Cardona debuted a new clip and teaser for the feature project - titled Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem - at the just completed Sitges Film Festival and while we've not been cleared to share it (yet) we have seen it and it's pretty amazing. Imagine, if you will, the life of Christ fused with Mad Max, Six String Samurai and Accion Mutante and you're veering into the correct territory.

With feature script in hand, Munoz, Cardona and star Marc Velasco - who does, indeed, look alarmingly like the white man's version of Jesus when you meet him in person - also brought a producer on board the project in Sitges with Ms Entertainment and their new label Dear Fear - a new production label run by Emili Pons, Asmodexia director Marc Carrete and Sitges co-director Mike Hostench - coming on board to produce the feature, which they hope to shoot in the first half of 2014.

Why does all this matter? Check the original short film below and you'll know.
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