Busan 2013: Tarantino Declares BIG BAD WOLVES Best Film Of The Year

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia (@Kwenton)
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Busan 2013: Tarantino Declares BIG BAD WOLVES Best Film Of The Year
Yesterday in a regular screening of Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado's Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves, Quentin Tarantino, who had popped into Busan to have a chat with Bong Joon-ho, was in attendance. Sitting mere seats away from me, we watched the film and upon its conclusion Tarantino eventually took the microphone at Q & A time and asked Navot, who was in attendance some questions. He also clearly stated that he loved the film so much, heaped a lot of other positive words of praise on it and then excitedly concluded that "This is not only the best film of Busan, it is the best film of the year."

We love the film on ScreenAnarchy and are so happy and excited to share Tarantino's praise and goodwill for the film. I spoke briefly with Navot who was extremely giddy and elated.

This announcement also comes just days after Tarantino published his best of 2013 list.
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  • Dirk Vandereyken

    Hi Kwenton, I am Dirk Vandereyken from Badass PR. We are currently handling the PR for TDM, which will be distributing 'Big Bad Wolves' in the Benelux, and I'd love to find out what exactly Quentin said at the Busan Film Festival. Could you get in touch with me asap (dirk@badass.be)? Thanks!

  • Sasha Kozak

    Looking forward to seeing this

  • Why is Tarantino announcing his favourites of the year in October?

  • r0rschach

    His top ten did have some questionable stuff on it but he's definitely right about this one. I absolutely loved it.

  • Nemuri Kyoshiro

    QT, also said that he liked KIckass2 and put it on his top 10 of the year list. Kickass 2 sucked.

  • That One Guy

    I've read somewhere that he liked the way the writer/director (specifically Jeff Wadlow) did the movie saying he went "with a real auteur approach" ... whatever that means, sounds like a personal thing.

  • Itamar Shalev

    גאווה ישראלית!!!

  • Elsie Paroubek

    "Sitting mere seats away from me"

    Could he see your erection?

  • Thomas Zack

    Awesome story.

  • Mina Bontempo


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