SPECIAL IDENTITY: Watch John Salvitti's Behind The Scenes Video With Donnie Yen

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SPECIAL IDENTITY: Watch John Salvitti's Behind The Scenes Video With Donnie Yen
Martial artist and action choreographer John Salvitti has released a behind the scenes video of himself working with Donnie Yen on the upcoming Hong Kong action flick Special Identity

It is a sequence of quick cuts from staging the fights to filming them. It is cool to see the transition from rehearsal to filming and you also get a sense of how insane the fighting is going to be in this film. It is a return to the style of action that turned heads when their work together on Flash Point brought MMA and Jujitsu disciplines to the big screen and dropped some elbows onto heads.

In his description of this video, John wrote:
Special Identity work behind the scenes by John Salvitti as a dedication to mentor Donnie Yen. "The best I've  worked with! Started me in the Hong Kong industry 25 yrs ago!  Bro's over 30 yrs!!!" Oscar winning DP Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger) captured true artistry in every frame as our DP on Special Identity! Special Identity Production Notes : Peter Pau was very pleased to have John Salvitti work on the film with Donnie Yen as he did in Flash Point, creating mixed martial arts (MMA) scenes that show a deep passion and love for the Arts.  John Salvitti said, "I'm honored that a true artist/autore as Peter Pau is, took notice of my work. This one's for our martial art bro's and sis's out there, my parents, my wife shoko and daughter Maya. Time apart and sacrifice." Kimekai Dojo Rocks! Ooos!
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Hiroaki JohnsonSeptember 12, 2013 10:55 AM

Looks great.

DooKSeptember 12, 2013 11:06 AM

Salvitti has always been a great influence for Yen's style of fight choreography, and this video shows it!!! Expect more from Team YS in the upcoming ICEMAN duology and LAST OF THE BEST.